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He did a great job of adjusting the built-in Liquid Crystal Library so it works brilliantly with the 595 Shift Register.

I have now updated this library to be compatible with Arduino 1.x and adjusted some of the Shift Register pin assignments to be easier to prototype with. It is feature complete and should be a drop-in replacement for any project you already have.

A simple way to get this right is to download the image, flip it horizontally then use it as your cutting guide. There are 18 cuts in total you need to make on your stripboard.

To cut the tracks of these boards you can use a "track cutter" which is available from most electronic component retails, use a drill bit or knife to cut across them or bring out your trusty Dremel and use one of the myriad of tools they have for doing this.

Here is the test Arduino sketch to show you how to use the new library, replacing the Liquid Crystal 6-pin with a great 3-pin version.

--------------------COPY BELOW HERE-------------------- /* * 3-pin Arduino interface for HD44780 LCDs via 74HC595 Shift Register * by Rowan Simms [email protected]* License: Creative Commons - Attribution.

I really like it, so thanks a lot for sharing, Made it on an arduino. As heman said, needed LED2Pin(HIGH);to turn the backlight on.In any case, connecting an LCD either using the 595 Shift Register or the more traditional way takes a lot of wiring which is not only a super mess (unless you use a ribbon cable I guess), it takes time.This shield is simplifies this process - all that is required is power and three wires back to the Arduino - ie. This is an extremely easy board to make and should take you no more than 15 minutes to solder up and have running.The cost is the pin count it can take to drive them.Using the built-in Liquid Crystal Display library it can take as many as 6 pins!

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